DeVilbiss FLCF-1 Coalescing Filter_Ref

Coalescing (fine oil) filter (25 cfm)

The DeVilbiss Finish line range of air filter regulators and coalescers are manufactured to ensure optimum air flow and precision control.
  • A 3/8" (port size) coalescing (fine oil) filter
  • Air filtration down to 0.01 microns (suitable for breathing Air-Fed Visors/Masks
  • Replaceable filter element
  • Maximum working pressure 18 bar (260 psi)
Part No Description
FLFR-1 Single outlet filter regulator (70 cfm)
FLCF-1 Coalescing (fine oil) filter (25 cfm)
FLRC-1 Single outlet filter regulator coalescer
FLRCAC-1 Single outlet filter regulator with coalescer with activated carbon filter
9450102 Replacement filter element
XA-12 Replacement coalescing filter element
AC-12 Replacement activated carbon filter
9450802 Upper cover
9450301 Metal bowl
GA-319 Gauge